Friday, October 3, 2008

Jungle Epic

Greetings from the rainforests of Malaysia!
A bunch of us hopped on our Runes and Pyre and ventured into the jungle for an overnight camping the other day.

We managed to get ourselves very lost and after hacking through leech and mosquito infested thick jungle undergrowth with our machetes (at the rate of 200meters per hour!) we decided to take a faster route which was to push our bikes along a river.

The i-glide polymer bushings on our bikes survived the river journey with flying colours!

Our bikes were also fully laden with camping gear and each weighed in at around 45lbs (not including the heavy backpacks we had on our backs). With the suspension dialled in to cope with the load, the Rune and Pyre still rode and climbed like a dream! They performed like true Enduro bikes, making the journey in and out less tiring for the riders.

Here are some pictures of our beasts of burden..

Happy ending: the Vegvesirs on the top tubes of our Runes got us safely out of the jungle in the end...

>photo album here<


Keith Scott said...

What an awesome adventure! I'm jealous! One day I would love to do something like that. Thanks for sharing!

Jay MacNeil said...

OMG that looks so sick... I love that and wish I could've been there too.
Thanks for sharing that... its really got me day dreaming about how hard it must have been but what an experience.

Jay MacNeil said...

I just had a look at the gallery. I was looking at the rack and thought wow that was pretty cool but didn't realize it was a Ritchey stem and a drop bar... how cool was that thing!!!

Nikki Groom said...

Wow, that's pretty awesome that you tested our iglide plastic bushings in the Malaysian jungle!

Very cool blog.