Sunday, October 19, 2008

320000 cycles and everythings tight

After 3 days of running the Legend pivots 24hours a day here are the results.

- 1 blown shock
- 2 worn out shock pins
- 4 Legend axles that still look brand new
- 8 bushings that don't look new but look pretty damn good
- No perceptible play in any of the pivots

In fact if anything after 300K the suspension feels like its just broken in and is running buttery smooth. The force was being measured as well on the pivots and looking at the graph there was no real difference from the start of the test to this point ... basically it means that the suspension is as tight as it was when it started.

The shock bushings didn't fit tight against the bolt and had a little bit of movement which wore them down and the result is all the dust you can see in the pics... this dust is from the shock pins.
Rather then change them i'm gonna stick them back in the machine and destroy them hahaha.

Also the shock has got oil all over it... clearly blown. Figured as much as you could have cooked an egg on it until we were forced to put a fan on it to cool it down. Seriously we worked that byatch hard.

So now all we need to do is I guess run to 600K and then pull it apart again. No parts have been changed but I did clean the parts and apply new grease because it looked like the grease was also done.

We figure 300K represents riding whistler for a month, 5X per week at 10 runs [garbonzo to the GLC per day

Heres some pics of the results


Devon Balet said...

sick! glad to hear you got such great results! can't wait to ride one!

Ryan said...

Great testing - I'm continually impressed by your willingness to share every part of the process. It speaks volumes to your commitment to the quality of the product and ultimately the value of the rider/customer.

booner said...

Whaaooo, awesome! Is the shock bolt/bushing fit thing something we all should expect or is it just because you didn't have properly fit shock bolt/bushings to start with? Are you using aluminum bolts?

That is kickass to see how tight all the pivots are still at this point. Gooo bushings!!

Aaron said...

I don't think I'll ride my Legend that much in a season! And I will certainly be doing a bit of grease injection in the mean time. Shock bolts have always been a weak point in suspension design IMO, all the FS bikes I've ever owned haved developed play, which eventually leads to failure. Anyway, interesting stuff, great result!

Anonymous said...

my beer-mat maths says 300k cycles represents 4000km of hard riding.

(1 full compression every 5 seconds, at an average speed of 20kph, divided by 2 to account for peak forces).

yes, i'm a geek, and now i'm an impressed geek. When do we get them in the uk?