Monday, May 5, 2008

Val Di Sole, Italy DH test race results

Just got news from Jirka our distributor in CZE that Matej Charvat [see him here] placed 28th in the Mens Elite... ok 28th doesn't sound that great but he beat out the likes of Ruaridh Cunningham, Duncan Rifle, Nathan Rennie and other well known names... the field was deep with the usual suspects taking top spots and Sam Hill once again came out on top.
However Matej did an awesome job piloting his Scythe to such a great place in the standings. A great rider can make almost any bike fast but I think its a safe bet that even though the Scythe is a freeride bike it can double as a pretty competitive race bike in a pinch.
I can't wait until he gets his Legend Mk1 and then we'll see how much faster he can be.
Big congrats Matej... we're all really proud of you!!!

There was a whole other page of results but I only put the first one up


perttime said...

This is totally non-Banshee related, but I am happy to see my compatriot Matti Lehikoinen in 13th place.

He was injured pretty badly last year, just after all the big races. He did not place too well at Sea Otter. This is more like it. said...

Hell yeah Matej! Nice work, keep pining, yeowwwwwww!

Schwara said...

Good job! Matej left behind him a lot of big names!