Saturday, May 3, 2008

PinkBike Wildcard Review

Thanks to the boys at Pinkbike for taking the time to give the Wildcard such a thorough review.
Have a read here if your interested to see what they thought.


Sick Lines said...

Good to see the word about the new Banshee's getting out there more.

rob cole said...

wonder how this will effect the ongoing arguments on the Pinkbike forum about:

"Wot shal I getz? Wildcard vs. Bass vs. Blitz vs. Intense ss"

great review though ;)

perttime said...

My "big bike" is too big ... :D

(I think I have to stick to it a while, though)

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me a little more info about the banshee amp? i'm 5'10" 174lbs. i was also lookingat the transition trail or park, and the scott voltage. any info would be grateful

Anonymous said...

what bike can handle it all, for a ex. jumping, xc, pedaling, freestyle, slopestyle, and just riding down to the milkstore for a pack of smokes? The Wildcard, The bottlerocket, or the commencal furious? (lol on the smokes)

Keith Scott said...

you can find all the info on the banshee amp here on the blog, just click the link on the right.

as for one bike to do it all, the wildcard andthe rune would both fit into that category really.