Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cheryl Moore

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Nicknames: Chucker, Chuckerdoo

Age: The big 30

Riding Since: Well I have always had a bike as a kid and a teenager. Then somewhere in my teenage hood I took up skateboarding and didn’t really play with bikes again till I was able to afford my first “big girl” bike. I got a Rocky Mountain Element XC bike and played on that till I realized I was gonna need a much burlier bike to play on the trails I wanted too! And basically for the last 5 years riding as played a big part of my life.

Current Bike(s): Banshee Scythe, Banshee Rune and a Banshee Morphine and a Legend on the way!
Riding Style: I play around in a bit of everything. Mostly downhill but I like a good xc adventure and spend some time playing on the dirt jumps and pump tracks.

Racing Highlights: Finishing all 7 BC Cup races in my first season of racing without major injury.