Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Downmall Prague 2011 - Matej Charvat

Hey guys,
maybe you catched the post about the live coverage on freecaster from a unique Downmall race.

Here you go a few words, pictures and a video:

A really unique race right through the shopping centre was held in the centre of Prague (the capital of Czech Republic - EU). The 4 floor shopping mall provided a few sets of escalators, 180 turns, slippery waxed floor and a final drop/gap to the finish line.

40 riders were invited including World Champ in 4X Tomas Slavik, Guido Tschugg etc. - really stack field. There were 3 rounds which were making the field stacker. 1st round - all, 2nd round - top20, 3rd round - top10(finals). It was pretty hard not to slip and the times were pretty close. I did about two mistakes in the finals and finished on 5th.

Picture gallery:

Don't forget to use subtitles in youtube player (click on CC).