Monday, February 7, 2011

Steve mathews' Legend MkII beat down test!

Hey guys,

So the other day I did something I should have done a while ago - full thorough inspection of the Legend MkII frame. This frame has seen a full season in Whistler, including 70+ days in the park and probably another 10 outside the park, plus riding as much as I can for the last 3 months since I've been back in Aus. I'm ~90kg (200lbs), ride reasonably fast and am certainly not easy on my bike.

So what did I find? Absolutely nothing wrong. Still on the original bearings, they're probably rough to the touch by now but there's no play and when you move the swingarm from the axle you don't feel anything unusual. There's no play. Nothing is cracked, despite my best efforts, including some really f#*king hard landings (like the kind that broke the Mk1 haha!).

So Keith, full points for the structural work. In the meantime I've watched mates write off numerous other frames, and I'm pretty stoked that the MkII hasn't let me down in the slightest. I look forward to seeing whatever you come up with for the Mk3, whenever that may be!


-All Photo credits go to Ross Dunlop, thanks for the great shots!