Tuesday, August 4, 2009

From Russia with Love - 3

Hi there Jay and Keith,

Just back from ultimate roadtrip to Ural mountains (more that 1000 miles one way by car )
Please find attached some photos (many thanks for most of them to mr. Vados)
The weather was great, we visited Russian Downhill Championship (were not riding cause we don't have licenses, it's not so easy to get them here (too much money for almast nothing), so we just have some fun riding local downhill and freeride courses.

The mountain itself is not so big (about 1300ft between top and bottom), but its the only resort that provides modern lift working at summer. So we had about one week of fun riding.

Anyway, Scythe performs far better than my chap last year in thee same conditions )
Many thanks for great bikes,

Best regards,