Sunday, August 2, 2009

Christmas in August

Twas the night before a bike build, when all through the shop,
Not an employee was patient, not even the boss.
The build list was prepped and chosen with care,
In hopes of the pimpest Rampant, a crowd would be there.   

The boys in the shop were cheering with glee,
While I had a vision of A-Line, just me.
The Straightlines were fitted and the Gamut adjusted,
I'm glad Ian the best mechanic was the one who I trusted. 

I sprang to my rig, and gave it a whistle,
With a weigh in of 30lbs I knew she was a missle. 
And I heard it whisper back, "You built me right."
OMG, what a build night!

My initial impression, with just two street rides and a Whistler trip under my belt, is very positive.  The bike is very flickable in the corners and nimble in the air.  When I get more seat time, I will be able to post up a more in-depth review. 

Stay tuned, C.C.