Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ball’s Palsy

While walking up to the top of some classic Fernie single track. My brother and I  started talking about stories I have heard of Dangerous Dan and Lance Armstrong riding and building while going through cancer treatment. I started to think about what it would take to keep me off my bike. This summer has been one of the best summers I have ever had on my bike. I have been able to ride some amazing trails and meet some amazing people. The times off my bike have not been so good. The first ride back in Fernie I hurt my knee again and it has been pretty sore for the past month or so. While taking a break from my bike I went to Northern Ontario to visit some family. I was helping my dad clean up the yard around his house and I was bitten by a wasp and had an allergic reaction. I broke out into hives, I was so itchy I was going crazy. It took me 48 hours to be back to normal.

rob1 IMG_4885

This past Saturday I woke up and when I went to brush my teeth the right side of my mouth would not work. Later on I realized that the only way I could close my right eye was to close my left eye. After three hours in Fernie Emergency I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy (we have been calling it Ball’s Palsy). Basically the nerves in the right side of my face are inflamed causing that side of my face to be paralyzed. I have been on medication for the past five days that makes me feel pretty sick.


I have been on my bike twice since I was diagnosed (I should be fine) and that is pretty much the only time that I feel good. Anything from riding down the side of the road to riding down a classic downhill helps put everything into perspective for me. So what would it take for me to stop biking?

Get on your bike and smile … even if only half of your face works.IMG_4863