Friday, August 14, 2009

Interbike – Paradox [Oh and its my personal bike!!!]

UPDATE: So I've been getting some questions about when the Paradox will be ready for the public to get their hands on. We'll the good news is they've already been shipping to customers for 2 weeks now so if you want one then its no problem getting one

Yeah this is my keeper as I gave my green one away. I don’t think its gonna be pretty for the show as I plan to ride it home tonight. Who needs pretty bikes at the show anyway… if its beat up a little you still get the general idea of what it’ll look like in the store right?? Besides how am i gonna walk past this bike everyday knowing I could be riding it? I’m only human and a weak one at that so really its not my fault and can’t be blamed.



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Here are pics of Kurt on his XL tearing it up at the 24hr race in AB Canada.

Big thanks to Sean for the photos. He’s got some other ones here of the other racers.