Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Frame Testing... Banshee Style!

This is how we test our frames outside of the lab.

If you want frames put through their paces, then a good option is to send them to some crazy Aussies to shred on, so thats one of the things we did! there is definately something in the water down there!

Some legend testing footage from 2 young rippers,

Ben Nylen

Ben Nylen. from kane chenoweth on Vimeo.

Ryan Hunt

Ryan Hunt Promotional Video - Uni Track from Nick Peterson on Vimeo.

Keep it up guys, you are shredding, great to see the legend doing what it was made to do. You now know the names, so keep an eye out for them!

And an old favourite put this vid together of testing over the last 2 years.

Chris Soininen

(chris just told me it is 45.7C there today! I would vaporise!)

It is a hard life being a bike tester!

We have test riders all over the world, but it is summer in Australia, so they tend to be riding the most right now.