Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mythic Rune comes 2nd in MBUK grouptest

I had a call late last night from my buddy Scott who is a keen Mythic rider

Scott finally stepped away from the dark side (Marin) and has now had a Chaparral, Morphine and currently a Rune which he totally loves, his bike is shown below

Scott told me he just got his subscription copy of the new MBUK magazine and was stoked that the Mythic Rune scored a 2nd place with 8/10 in the all-mountain grouptest in the new mag

1st place went to a La Pierre, the Rune was in 2nd, Commencal in 3rd and Cannondale in 4th

the mag hits the news stands on wednesday so I will grab a copy and scan it into my PC and put it up here on the blog


rob c