Friday, February 13, 2009

Mythic Rune tested by MBUK

We just got the new issue (#235) of Mountain Biking UK magazine, and there is an "all mountain" grouptest of bikes around the GBP £2,500 pricepoint

The Mythic Rune scored very well against some much bigger brands, coming 2nd in the test with a healthy 8/10, beating the Commencal Meta 6.2 (7/10) and Cannondale Moto Carbon 3 (6/10) - only the Lapierre Spicy 516 scored higher than the Rune!

Each of these bikes were more expensive than the Rune, with the La Pierre at £2850 compared to the Rune at £2,500, and the La Pierre only 3/4 lb lighter - throwing another £350 at the Rune and with some component changes we could have made the lightest bike on the test, no problem!

It's great to see the Rune doing so well against some stiff competition, and as the review said, as its a custom built bike, you can choose whatever parts you like, and make your own decisions on things like stem length, seatclamp (Q/R or bolted), Derailleur, etc.

Regarding their comments on the shock tuning, we've noticed some of the mags seem to struggle with setting up the shocks on bikes....they did mention if you are proficient at shock tuning (which is not hard on something as simple as the DHX Air) you can get the Rune running sweet

all images and text copyright / courtesy of MBUK / Future Publishing

cheers! Rob C