Monday, February 2, 2009

Snowed in

10pm last night, the snow was falling thick and fast here in London, England

normally the snow does not hang around in London, I was expecting it all to be gone this morning

I woke late to find a thick blanket of snow covering the City, and snow still falling...perfect conditions for a snow ride on the Heath

For some reason in the UK, when it snows the country grinds to a halt, kids don't go to school and people seem confused about how to dress or how to get about

I've never had such problems, and kitted up with a full array of breathable waterproof clothing, glove and sock liners, my trusty TSG potty and some Spy goggles that the nice people that import Da Kine gave me last year

The Rampant didn't seem at all fazed by the snow, I let the tires down a little and turned off compression damping at both ends, making the bike more fluid for dealing with all the undulations in the heavy snow

Nice low pedalling gear, a slow and steady grind up the hills through some surprisingly thick snow, and after half an hour, onto the top of the Heath

Cross-country snow riding is a hell of a workout as there is so much resistance against your tires, after an hour it was time to head home...

The downhill is always more fun, and as long as you go subtle in the snow, you shouldn't have any falls

It looks like we have snow for the rest of this week (I am off work) so I'm going to put in a ride every day, probably a snow night ride tomorrow which should be entertaining to say the least!

happy trails!

Rob C