Monday, January 12, 2009

Paradox in ACTION

Ryan gives us a quick review of the Paradox


When you get here we have a new area to ride in. It is a large hill that is pretty technical because there is zero maintenance done. It is pretty firm dirt with some round rocks around. Then thanks to the tons of rain that can show up at once lots of sections that are rutted out and roots exposed. In sections it rolls up and down making for short downs and quick ups.

I learned a lot about the Hammerschmidt on this. First is the sensation of being able to dump or jump a huge amount of gears with NO penalty. It is even faster and better feeling than going from the 12 tooth to the 11 tooth on the rear cassette. Instant, effortless release or engagement for the most part.

This was a delight when going on a flat and then down a section to then need to just have a easy gear to muscle up the rooted, rutted exit. This combined with the huge 29er tires, I have been getting over obstacles that I did not expect. THEN throw in the quick handling from the chainstays. …….

There are some sections that are rutted lanes that usually start with a 1 to 2ish drop into a rutt trail with rocks then roots. The head angle felt pretty good for a typical 5” fully bike to attempt instead. So still at ends about the head angle. I did measure it and it appears it is 69.5.

Because most of the trails we are riding are down, they all spit out onto a lower road that wraps back around the hill and then traverses back up to the start point to then spider out in a different direction of your choice. So with this longer section of up hill I got to try out pushing a slack head angle up the hill. Even on the real gear grinder granny sections, never really felt like I was pushing a slack angle up the hill. I need to get you out on your Paradox because I know you have some other specific things you want it to do and need to see if it fits.

The more I ride the Paradox the more I want to ride the Paradox.

Anyways, this was a short report from riding this weekend with Lance, Stijn, Ceri and about 3 other locals from Hsin Jhu. Stijn of course just commented endlessly in Euro babble about tires. He wouldn’t ride it to learn. Ceri was rocking the trails on his Niner RIP. I think the wheels are really out of true and he was noticing some flex. Lance road all bikes plus the locals, Reign and Intense SS with I9 wheels on just about all sections.

Anyways, you all should have lots of time to ride during new year and lucky to get to this trail it is easy and can avoid all the traffic that grid locks Taiwan for 10 days.

I have some pictures but they are locked in Lances camera at the moment and I am not sure where sleeping beauty is now.