Tuesday, January 20, 2009

getting even lighter....Rampant

Another day...another light weight bike part

my good buddy John "Jesus" Holme hooked me up with a WTB Devo Ti saddle at the weekend, its stupidly light yet actually very comfortable for "athletic" types like myself ha ha

its shaved another clump of weight off my Rampant, I need to get the Rampant weighed soon as last time it was sub 30lb with heavier tires, heavier saddle and heavier pedals

its SO much fun to ride, and everyone who wanders into the Freeborn Esher shop picks up it and goes "wow that's light"

we sold another Rampant at the end of last week, and the dude who bought it called me up 2 days later after going riding, and simply said "completely awesome!"

if you are looking for a very quick, fun short travel play bike then Rampant is your #1 choice, it has not been at all bothered by the filthy English winter...you should have seen it yesterday before I washed it!!