Saturday, January 10, 2009

Banshee RUNE on Australian Mountainbike Magazine

XXIV's Rune finally got a 2 page review in the Dec|Jan 09 issue of the AMB magazine.

here are some of the characteristics loved by the testers:

"On the trail, the Rune loves to descend fast, flowing singletrack.."

"The Rune was surprisingly adept at serious downhilling, taking 10+foot gaps and drops with no complaints at the rear end.."

"Compared with a lot of frames on the market today, it felt rather long in the cockpit, which gave it a confidence inspiring and more stable feel at high speed than even some of the best off-the-shelf downhill rigs available"

"The rear triangle is made from ribbed tubing that is designed to maximise the frame's rigidity without sacrificing weight. This is really noticeable on the trail as the back end stays straight as an arrow."