Saturday, January 3, 2009

the AMP has landed

After spending some time last year looning about on Keith's (Mythic / Banshee design engineer) AMP prototype both at Esher Shore and Woburn Sands, I was stoked to see the production AMP finally land at Freeborn here in England

The first customer was Steeeev, who also got to ride Keith's AMP prototype last year, and immediately said "I will have one!"

Steeev has been something of a fixture at Esher Shore for years, helping to maintain the old dirt jump park, rebuild the DJ park into the Slopestyle park, left alot of blood on the dirt jumps due to numerous crashes and also did an infamous MC act at the 2006 Esher Shore Jam which left many parents wondering what kind of event they had brought their children to!

Steve has built his long AMP up with a Pike coil u-turn fork slammed all the way down, Saint cranks, E13 chain device, 1 x 9 gearing with 36T c/ring and Shimano roadie derailleur driven off a XTR shifter, Avid Juicy 5 brakes, Hope Pro II hubs on Mavic rims, Specialized semi-slick LK Fast Trak 2.0" tires and Diablous stem, Easton EA-70 bars and so on..

Weight wise, its probably about 26-27lb, judging against the weight of my Mythic Rampant, we'll try to weight it soon, whatever the weight is, its certainly ALOT lighter than Steeev's old Mythic Scratch or his Mythic Chaparral!!

Keith has definitely worked his magic on the geometry numbers, the AMP feels solid and snappy under power and steering input, but without feeling so twitchy that its going to throw you over the bars on the first mistake

The Dirt Jump market here in the UK is very odd, and even established players like DMR and Identiti admit they don't sell alot of frames since bringing out their cheaper complete bikes which appeal to the groms, but for the older, more moneyed Dirt Jump and Street connoiseur, the AMP is more than worthwhile of your consideration when selecting a new frame for your ultimate custom build!

enjoy your AMP steeeev!