Sunday, January 25, 2009

MUD, MUD and more MUD

England's economy might be going down the toilet, but one thing we are never short of is RAIN...shame we can't export the rain to bolster our GDP??

the recent bout of freezing weather (courtesy of northern winds) has passed, and we are back to our typical mild (4 degrees celsius) temperatures and wet weather with plenty of wind

nothing like finishing a hectic week at work with a great night ride, out I went into the rain and spent a solid hour slithering around the muddy singletracks, technical climbs and descents of NW London's "hampsted heath"

it got so foggy and muddy out there I could hardly see towards the end of the ride, and wondered if my light batteries were going flat?

got home kinda muddy.....

the only hassle is cleaning the bike, well a few buckets of water and some muc-off takes care of that! then you have to clean yourself, your shoes, your pads and clothing, mud everywhere

its all good though, the buzz of a good ride is always worth the wear and tear to your bike and all the cleaning afterwards

if you are contemplating going riding in the Winter, my heartful advice is just to get out there and do it regardless of the snow /rain / winds! such a good buzz...

happy winter trails to all Mythic and Banshee riders!

Rob C