Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Matej

Just a small report from National cup Finals:

The last race of the National Circuit took a completely new track – near to north border of country – a small ski resort called Bournak.

The course there is really steep, about 2minutes long, fun to ride because of many natural bumps...

I didn’t feel pretty good that weekend, but I tried to push hard in Semi. I did a huge mistake and finished 3rd. I wasn’t satisfied, you know..so I decided to try to concentrate as much as possible and try to do safe but supersmooth run. I did my best, It wasn’t supersmooth, but it rolled and my time was the fastest ... I WON!! I won 2 of 4 races in national series and it set me to 2nd overall!

Now I have also bad news..

One week ago I was freeriding and hurt myself. I broke a scaphoid on my right hand. I was on surgery next day. Doctor told that it’ll be completely ok in about 4-5weeks, so we will see. I’m happy that this happened in the end of season. For fun, you can check my x-ray J


Matej Charvat