Thursday, September 18, 2008

Banshee at Interbike

Banshee will be at the dirt demo in Bootleg Canyon on the 22nd and 23rd in booth D3745 near Niner and across from KHS.
Unfortunately its not a consumer demo so you'll have to be creative if you want to poach the show and sneak in if you're not part of a shop or other industry type.

Sorry I didn't make a Eurobike post this year... I was pretty slammed and didn't have much time to stop and smell the roses so to speak.
I did see some friendly faces and managed to squeek in lunch with Chris Canfield... that guy is always fun to hang out with. Saw Kyle and Sam from Transition which was cool but missed Kev as he was still working the booth.
Greg and Dennis from Straitline were my drinking buddies and I gotta say you need to watch that Greg... he's evil.
I also met some really cool new people and stayed a week after the show, did some work, and got to eat up the German culture a little, so it was a real treat.

All in all it was a great show, lots of interest in the bikes and some great feedback on the Legend.
I'll try to get a little powershot camera for Interbike so i wont drag around the big camera gear and get a good story from Interbike. I know there's gonna be some mayhem... I'm just gonna have to stay away from the Spearmint Rhino as it has a certain affection for my hard earned cash.