Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Horsefeathers Kozzy Style 08

However its more than one mounth ago I bring you some photos and video from HF Kozzy Style.

I was a co-organizatoar and slopestyle park designer of this event. It was huge this year. Over 90 riders from Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany were going really big and we could see 360 from 5meter drop, beckflip drop etc. I had a lot of work with organizing and trail building so I was very happy that I qualified in top 12 superfinals. I had front tire defect in superfinals and end at 11th place. There we another Banshee Widcard rider in superfinals. Roman Linhart, he was sending it big and he was only one riding the most difficult line with huge MX jump(superman on it) and he takes 5th place. Video can tell you more than words.

Another Wildcard in superfinals

Best regards from central Europe, Schwara