Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mythic at Esher Shore

Anyone that keeps an eye on this blog knows that Esher Shore is pretty much the base of Mythic's UK operations with myself (Rob C) running Freeborn's Esher store ( where alot of our Mythic enquries are directed, and I also manage the Esher Shore bike park (

We also have a hard working, dedicated trail crew who also happen to ride Mythic bikes...apart from Hot Carl but he is a legend in his own right, and you would have to pry his beloved Demo 7 from his cold, dead we will let him be ;)

After the shop closed tonight, we had our usual private riding session in the bike park, although we got a big carried away riding and forget to take any action photos until we realised it was getting dark (we are moving into Autumn here in the UK)

The main thing tonight was checking out my new Rampant and comparing it against "Jesus" John's Wildcard and Toby's Scythe

Its always awesome riding different bikes back-to-back on the same trail, you really get an instant feel for the differences

Check out the picture below showing Toby's Scythe, John's Wildcard and my new Rampant - kinda reminds me of the 3 bears going from big bear to middle bear to little bear

And here is the requisite photo of the happy new owner of a Rampant, showing off the fine Mythic T-Shirts available from Freeborn for a mere GBP£12.99

Regarding all the bike swapping, it seemed somewhat incestous so that's best left for another time....


Rob C