Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alan's Wildcard weighs in at 32.12lbs

I want to confirm the weight so I've asked him to take a pic of the bike on a proper scale. Even still, if it was embellished a little 33 or even 34 is a respectable weight -I did make sure he weighed it with the chain on.

Alan took pics of himself building it up and is that a hammer I see on the table? ...always a good sign of a quality wrench -the only thing missing is an axe.

Some really awesome features that really show this is a TRUE slopestyle machine and not just a freeride bike posing as a slopestyle ride is its single speed ...check out the sic Yess chaintensioner.
Alan did mention that he got to rip on it and said its noticably lighter, saving weight on the rear derailleur, shifter pods and on the rear cassette. He also appreciated the lower BB height and was really happy about how well it pedalled. Overall I think his game has just stepped it up a few notches.
Expect to see a complete review from him soon and less video clips of his flipwhips and corks to leatherarse hahaha.
Really cool thing is that the components on the frame are all really strong and meant for some big air riding so its not that Alan screwed around and threw a bunch of XC stuff on there just to hit the weight... oh and the frame is a medium size and there is still room to go even lighter with this thing and still have it slopestyle worthy... Sub 30lbs slopestyle bike?

Oh and Chris is still killing the same prototype hes had since last spring so its plenty strong, although he's due for a proper production one in the next few weeks.