Thursday, December 13, 2007

Greg at Straitline stole my post so I'm stealing his

Greg from Straitline has been pulling stuff of my blog rather then writing his own so I figured I'd return the favor... ya bastard!!! hahaha
Its been pretty rainy here... as you can see by Monkey Greg riding the fork lift. The pics I will use to blackmail him as the Workers Compensation Board wouldn't' be to stoked to see them. Greg if you're reading this you have to pay for a halfhour for me in the Champagne room in Vegas next year.

"Once all of the fire crackers ran out during a power outage last week, the guys thought it would be funny to park my van in the middle of a nasty storm puddle.
Funny at first but I wasn't going to walk through the disease filled brown run off water, it can rust there till summer. Finally Dennis got sick of my bitching and gave me a lift.
Then I sessioned the puddle dry !"