Sunday, February 15, 2009

DHU Brasil and 3 Podiums

Just woke up and saw Gabriel [Session Brazil] had skyped me with this Hi Jay
[8:08:05 AM] Gabriel Napole says: the DHU just finish
[8:08:16 AM] Gabriel Napole says: we have 3 riders at the podium
[8:08:52 AM] Gabriel Napole says: Markolf was 3th, Doon was 4th and Patricia won!
[8:09:06 AM] Gabriel Napole says: so all in opem tv channel for all Brazil
[8:09:16 AM] Gabriel Napole says: I think was a good job

Awesome and massive congrats go out to all Markolf, Doon and espececially Patricia.
Heres a vid of her winning run.

This video of Doon and Markolf is pretty sweet. I love how they just attack the course. My only complaint is with the guys who figured they could have a chase camera behind Markolf... cmon what were you think. Instead of seeing him ride we got a shot of him pulling away at the start and then a happy little vid of the camera dude riding the course alone hahaha. Next time chase him with a 250 all motard'd out...then maybe you might have a chance.

This race is broadcast live on TV and is major enough to make the news. Wish we could get this kind of coverage in the US and Canada for mtb'ing

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