Monday, September 1, 2008

A photo for your FACE

This one is special for you Jay. Rachel killing the day one course at SolVista Colorado on her flashy new Scythe.

"I could tell a difference as soon as i got on the bike. This thing is awsome! I feel so much more confident." -Rachel Bauer


Jay MacNeil said...

Dude... wow.
I have to say the last few pics I've seen... I think you're getting better, if that was even possible before.
I wanna poster of this one!!!!
Composition A+
Lighting A+
Subject A+
and I love the blue juxtaposed with the grey and big bolders... its just an interesting little pic with some good action in it.

good job!
and glad Rachel likes the Scythe

Devon Balet said...

oh silly jay macneil. thank you for your kind words. i have many many many MANY MANY more for you to see one day.

Rachel said...

before you even posted the "poster comment" I was thinking to myself... "self, that would make a great poster. Oh and I wonder if Jay would like a copy?"
See you boyz at Interbike!!!