Friday, September 5, 2008

Alan Hepburn's New Ride

Alan got his new Rampant earlier this week, and has wasted no time getting used to it!

I'll get him to write some feedback about the frame after he has had a bit more time on it.

As you can see from the photos, this bike suites his style well, and I know he is loving it.

Not many people flip off drops days after getting a new bike... NICE!

Props to Jason Headley for the sick photos!


Devon Balet said...

sick photos duder!

rob c said...

Rampant is tempting...way too tempting

trade in my Wildcard for a Rampant? hmmmm

riding BMX all the time now, the Rampant feels way closer to my BMX

the demo bike we have at Esher feels sick, and its not even a high end build

gonna have to do some hard thinking ;)

enjoy your new bike alan

Rob C

Schwara said...

Sick fotos and nice bike!

Schwara said...

Alan, are you riding the short, or long size?

Rachel said...

LOVE them yellow peddals!

Anonymous said...

thanks, this is the long frame i believe. its awsome funnnnn

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