Saturday, May 17, 2008


The guys at Freeborn delivered a big 'old box to our Esher store today, and it was full of these cool Mythic T-Shirts, as modelled by yours truly ;)

they are available in both our Horsham and Esher stores, or from our website priced at £12.99, and available in sizes small-medium-large-x large


Rob C


Anonymous said...

so why do you guys call your company mythic in europe??? why not stick with the soul name of banshee?

rob cole said...

because of a legal problem with the UK's biggest cycle retailer, Halfords Bikehut, who sell a bike range called Carrera

in their range is a model called the "Carrera Banshee" (a cheap full suspension bike) can't argue with corporate lawyers ;)

its Mythic for the UK, and Banshee for the rest of the World

Anonymous said...

word. thank you for the clarification

Saldanha said...

Hi...Can you please tell me how can I buy a T-shirt from Banshee(Mythic) bikes?I would like to buy one of the old ones with old logo, but if that is not possible no problem.
I'm from Portugal, to be more exact from Madeira Island.
I'll be waiting to hear from you.
P.S:I'm the proud owner of a Chaparral and a Morphine!

Keith Scott said...

Hey Saldanha,

If you contact the guys at I'm sure they could ship you one.