Thursday, May 8, 2008

Matt Brooks update

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you all an update on my recovery and some plans for the end of the season. As far as my recovery goes, I have recently undergone surgery for an acl replacement in my left knee. The surgery went very smooth an a full recoup is expected. Unfortunately, I will need to under go roughly 6 months of physio before I am home free, but I have a mag trainer and a bit of a home gym going so that should get me off to a good start.


Well we all wish you a speed recovery because the season is here and you definitely don't want to totally miss it.
I'm sure the Bike Ranch in Kamploops has missed your building skills


Alex said...

Man, that blows. I too am going to have acl reconstruction soon in mid-june. Good luck with your recovery!

Dieter said...

Replacing my right acl on june 12. Did you do patella, hamstring or cadaver?

Alex said...

I'm replacing it with my patellar tendon. Haha you're getting your surgery on the day i graduate. Same knee too! Which did you chose to replace it with?

banshee french said...

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Well i know it's stupid the way you asked your question made think about this extrem

healing vibes for all injured rider ( i m in too dislocated shoulder)

see you soon back on bike

Colin Boutilier said...

good luck with the recovery man

brooks said...

Hey dieter,

They used me hamstring to replace the acl, I think most of the acl surgerys are done that way now. Good luck with yours!!!

Sean McDermott said...

Healing vibes brother. I severed my acl way BITD before they did the replacements. They just left me without one and made me do tons of PT to strengthen my hamstrings to hold the knee. I've been good to go for about 10 years now but I am left with silly big thighs now LOL.