Monday, April 7, 2008

Bochnia Salt Mine Downhill

Hallo ! (first sorry for my English) I have Just back from Bochnia Salt Mine Downhill ,third ever dh in Mine ( over 300 meters under the ground level). Event was 3 days long but i couldn't make it on friday and saturday only on sunday.
Track was extremly xc almost up hill. And i havent seen course before my racing run was my first run on that course.
I cant still breathe 100 % becasue of oedema and i have problems with sprints but i wasn't there for racing.
It was great event , huge media cover , i did few interviews ( they were astonished that i'm riding heheh)
But I must tell You that bike racing isn't something for me i'm MOOOOORE into freeriding.
Thanks for SPY optics for paying me for high enter payment.
ps Photo Credits Sylwia


Keith Scott said...

Thats awesome man!I can't believe you are racing already! Don't overdo it man, just remember that you almost died!!!

Karupshun said...

Very good to see you're just about 100% Szwed!

If you know anywhere some video of that event is, please post up a link. The redbull goldmine & the budapest subway race are two of my favorite events

Jay MacNeil said...

That looks pretty sweet.
Ya don't go too hard too soon and always remember your allergic to ATVs

Guillaume said...

what are you doing in the gallery?
making gym?
taking Sh*รง%?