Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Scythes next

As you can tell these are unedited, unphotoshopped images, nothing has been covered up or glossed over. The quality is great right to the smallest detail.
Oh and yes the Maxle comes with the frame as well as the seatpost, extra hanger, and a few other bits. When Keith dropped the top tube lower on the seattube it made a dramatic effect.
These are all medium frames and the larges don't differ too much from the look of the mediums and the smalls look really tight... with a SC fork it would make a great jibbing bike too.


Sneeck said...

Holy Schyte that look's stunning!!

I truelly love the Team and Grey version, hell I like them all. Awesome finnish and detail's aswell, nice work guy's.

banshee french said...

very nice such jewelery
the white looks fast!!
Great job
maxle+ all the banshee extras awesome

Davide said...

the matte black and the white are the best!
Beautiful frame!

Anonymous said...


the herminator said...

If that were a lady she would be one sexy beotch. Meeeow.

Schwara said...

Gr8! Looking much more better then the prototipe!