Sunday, January 20, 2008 artwork

Check out the poster art Nick at Freebike has done.
If you want one now fire off an email to him for the hi-res. Hopefully he can do one for each bike and he can offer them as wall posters or desktop backgrounds.
I'm talking with him to see if we can get some of these as well... be cool to have a poster of the bike you ride.


Sneeck said...

Will he make a Wildcard poster also? That'd be rad.

Nick said...

rad?! (Sorry what you mean?!)

However, Yes, I'll do it as soon as I get a Wildcard, we're selling bikes here in Italy, as candies.. :)

Today I'll do Rampant, by the end of the week I'll get maybe a WC :)

Then... I hope, in March, to make a gorgeous portrait to Legend! Is that right Jay?! :D:D:D (and maybe even to AMP :)

Keith Scott said...

Great work Nick!

We are have been having some serious technical hitches with the legend over last couple of months, as it is a hard bike to manufacture! However after many meetings and hundreds more hours of design, it is good to go, but I predict some delays, saying that, we will obviously get the bike out as fast as possible to our shortlisted guys after have done some initial testing and there has been destruction testing in lab conditions etc...

Nick said...

Thanks for explanatino Keith! I'm looking forward to see it!!

Today I rode Rampant, and WOW, it's been love at first sight!!! My gooooood it is absolutely a bird which flies without any effort!! Incredible FUN!!

However, always the same link, there are gonna be some new pics of rampant as said!

Good job Keith good job!!

Keith Scott said...

yeah man, I have to agree, the Rampant has to be the most fun bike I have ever ridden, its just sooo agressive!

again I want to ake a big shout out to Patrick for the geometry suggestions, and Simon for prototype feedback.

Nick said...

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