Monday, January 31, 2011

Legend First Ride on Reunion Island by Bertrand

Welcome to the BANSHEE Reunion Island !

I deal Banshee here since late 2010, I sold some Rune and Legend, but had not yet had time to built mine because too much work!

Now it's done! This is my personal bike, which is also being tested for promotion to all riders who wish!

Legend MKII White Medium
Fox RC4 (before
ELKA famous !)
Boxxer R2C2
Ultimate Deemax
Elixir mag (203 front / 185 rear)
X.0 derailleur and shifter
Ibeam saddle and seatpot
M815 Saint crank
E-thirteen LG1 +
Nukeproof pedal
Point One Racing direct mount stem
Sunline V1 Handlebar 745 mm

First run this Saturday, January 23, 2011, rain is part of the ride ha ha ha ! On a beautiful natural trail rather technical, tight, with lots of roots and lots of mud !
Difficult to try a new bike in these conditions, so I start with some fears !

2 first run gently to take the temperature and then ... it's awesome : the bike is super safe, you get used very quickly, and I begin to attack with joy ! My feelings : player, lively, stable ride with a flawless!
A killer bike, a real rocket which only limits are my driving !

Big thanks to Jay and Banshee TEAM !