Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fox Kashima coated Forks/Shocks

Just a quick note to everyone out there as I have received at least 10 questions on this in the last 2 days.
Fox will NOT be supplying any forks to any manufacturer with the Kashima coating. So as it stands only forks sold through aftermarket will be available with this coating.

We're only speculating at this point but we believe the coating is only being done by the subcontractor in Japan, which means the forks have to travel from the USA to Japan, then back to the USA. Now if they had to travel back to Asia again that would be a lot of shipping charges and something the OE manufacturers would not want to absorb.
I believe Fox may be setting up some infrastructure to mitigate this added cost of both money and time so that in the near future OE's will be able to get the same forks as the aftermarket. But for the 2011 season we just can't get it.