Friday, January 21, 2011

First Ride - Sebastian Jensen

After the forest was buried in snow from mid november, it has been hard to ride. So today I headed out to my local DH spot. Its only about 30 sekunds long but fun and has a lot of good momories to it. It was quite weird to ride my bike again after two mounths, but it was super sick. The first runs was like if I had to learn to ride again - really funky. But after a few runs I felt home again! It was also one of the first rides on my new Marzocchi 888 RC3 Ti from 2011. That fork is so controlled and super plush! I can wait to get my Marzocchi Roco shock on, when I get my spring for it. Besides the suspension my Legend is running smooth. It can´t wait to see what 2011 might bring!
First ride of ´11 - happy!

2011 is looking to be a good year racing wise so stay tuned for the race schedule!

- Sebastian Jensen, 222Racing