Friday, December 31, 2010

Mikko's Amp

Mikko from FOX sent me this today:

Hi Rob, Keith and Jay!

Sending a few pics of my AMP finally!

As I’ve said before, I LOVE my AMP and ride the ramps, dirt jumps and skateparks with my kid on a regular basis. I used to spend more time on the trail, but I’ve devolved into a park rat, adopted by an awesome crew of delinquent teenage kids who have seen fit to humor me and push me into all variety of danger. I came to this type of riding late in life (57 last August) so I don’t really have my own crew . . .

The bike is really tight, balanced and comes in around 26lbs. I just installed a Fox 831, set @90mm travel, a couple weeks back and have to say it’s such a great fork. (Might be biased being a Fox guy, but I call ‘em as I see ‘em). I’m running Mavic 321’s with the new Maxxis 26” DTH tires; Race Face D2 stem for that bmx-ey style; Shimano XT cranks; Avid Code 5 rear brake; Thompson post and SDG Bel-Air saddle. I always get lot’s of comments and compliments on the bike and despite it’s stealth looks, everyone knows it’s a Banshee. I’ll keep hounding the other Fox guys to get you pics of their sweet new Banshee’s . . .

May the new year find you guys healthy, happy and ready for a seriously big year for Banshee Bikes!

All the best,

Mikko Biffle
Powered Vehicle Division
Fox Racing Shox