Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Taiwan

Christmas 2010 was my seventh Christmas spent in Asia. My Christmas Goal was to do a tuck no hander. I pulled one out, it might be my fastest tuck to date and the one with the least amount of air. But hey I broke my back in July.

After seeing pictures of my air time and style I was thinking I should retire from all bicycle related activities. But then I saw how good I look posing with my bike, maybe there is a future for me in bike posing ... thoughts, anyone, anyone?

James was feeling like he had a case of SARS, but he was still taking it up. He had a couple decent whips but I missed the shot.

Then I climbed up a hill and tried to get some shots from a different angle. Picture is not cropped at all. Sure with some cropping this picture would look a lot better.

Happy New Year. Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet