Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dennis Hoppe's Amp

Banshee AMP, raw, long version

Stem: Truvativ Holzfeller DH 2011

Bar: Truvativ Boobaar 780mm

Brake: Formula D’oro K 18

Brakehoses: Goodridge

Grips: Adam Hauck signature

Headset: FSA integrated

Fork: Rock Shox Pike, extra hard spring, thicker oil and shortened floodgateknob

Wheel Set : DT-Swiss E2200 customed with a screwmounted, DT-240S singlespeed–rearhub

Bottom Bracket: Truvativ Howitzer Team

Crank : Truvativ Holzfeller, old style, 170mm

Chain: KMC - Bmx

Pedals: Shimano DX – oldie, but goldie

Seat: Atmosfair - Timo Pritzel signature - pivotal

Seatpost: Leaf pivotal

Seatclamp: Banshee

Tires: Kenda NPJ Signature

Bar Ends: NPJ Signature

Specials : Selfmade headlock

Adjustable Crankstopper from rubber radiatorhose, fixed with a hoseclamp.

Atomlab Hydro-Twister with a selffabricated, screwed on counterholder from stainless steel.

Assembling: No problems, accept with the Hydro Twister. It kept me busy for a while, to get the thing working for what it was designed and to fit my personal demands. Combined with the AMP's geometry, low front end & internal headset you have definitely no "highrise" feeling while riding. Great.

The more I ride the AMP the more I get aware of what I missed on other frames...

ride it !

Cheers Dennis