Monday, December 13, 2010

222Cycles Denmark Banshee AMP "Green Monster"

It is about time that I post some of my bikes here. I made this green Amp to match my green Banshee Legend. I have not been riding as I injured my foot three months ago. I will be able to ride again in the middle of next year.

Here is my Amp:

Banshee AMP short
Fork: Marzocchi DJ1 2011 green
Breake: Gusset Shute Hyd black
Tires: Halo Twinrail 26"x2.20
Wheels: DMR Backline 10/20mm.
Gear: Gusset Double Six Singelspeed
Handlebar: DMR Wingbar 25.4
Saddle: Gusset Lil´Kev with Salsa Lip-Lock
Pedals: Gusset Pinhead green
Crank: Gusset Pigmy 853 Renolds black
Stem: Gusset Staff Stem frempind 50mm. sort
Chain: Gusset ½ link green
Chain wheel: Gusset 4X green
Grips: Acros lock on green locks
Butterfly: Acros 222Cycles logo Spinning cap green
Saddle pin: Acros green "insert"
Head set: Dia-Compe IB1 green


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