Monday, August 17, 2009

Rain Rain …

For the first month we had nothing but clear skies and warm temperatures. Three weeks ago I went to Ontario to visit family and it was cold and rainy the whole time I was there. I got back to Fernie a week ago and it has been cold and wet for the past week. We have been riding in the rain for the past week, but have not been taking any pictures. There was a break in the rain yesterday so we took my brother’s truck, the camera and our bikes to session a couple of jumps on a trail called Dopamine.

  IMG_4494 IMG_4594 IMG_4630IMG_4550IMG_4616 IMG_4565  IMG_4599 IMG_4610   IMG_4508

James has been building a couple of jumps just off of Dopamine. Here is a shot of one of them. They are a work in progress.


Check out the sign on the stump underneath this little jump. “Mushroom Head”


Enjoy the pictures.



MartinS said...

We've got some great trail signs in Fernie, have you checked out Brad's Gay Trail, Brokeback Ridge or Fat Bastard yet?

Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

I have not ridden Brad's Gay Trail this year ... and I can not remember the sign. the Brokeback Ridge sign is genius "you know it could be like this ... just like this ... always." Where is Fat Bastard?

Martin S said...

Fat Bastard starts off of Burma road - if you are coming from the West Fernie side the trailhead starts right near the yellow shovel parts (on the left hand side) just before you get to the helicopter pad, keep right at the fork in the trail (the Fat Bastard sign is up in a tree). It is a windy tech climb that can be pretty greasy, it takes you up to the power lines and the east entrance of Mushroom head, or you can turn around and take Black Betty down.
Brads Gay Trail has dancing bears playing "patty-cake" on it.