Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mythic Rune test - MBR magazine

I'll let the test do the talking.... all images / text copyright MBR magazine

Rob c


Dean said...

It seems they liked the Rune.

They covered all the same points and came to all the same conclusions I did 20 months ago when the bike was first released.

Thanks for sharing that.

Wichmann said...

Yep you are right Dean! we knew didn't we :0) But now everybody else can see it too. Good job Kieth!!

Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

that is a great review for the rune. after seeing the rune jay put together for interbike, i might have to add one to my banshee line up

Benny Power said...

Great review and it's good to see that MBR have come to the same conclusion that my Dad did 6 months ago - a fantastic bike, all in all.