Sunday, August 30, 2009

Legend Podiums In Australia - Again!!

Hey All,

The 2009 Downhill season in Queensland Australia finished yesterday with the final round (round 6) of the Sunshine Series held at Upper Brookfield 30km west of Brisbane. This is one of my favourite tracks as it has a bit of everything but due to the dry weather conditions experienced over the past 3-4 months, the track was very loose and dusty and this made it even more challenging. I raced Under 19 Male category and was fortunate to qualify 1st for the race. My race run was conservative to say the least because I was still haunted by my crash last week after qualifying 1st and this kept playing on my mind (Dad says I have to build a bridge and Get Over It!!). I had a clean run albiet slower than I would have liked but still managed to get the win and put the Legend on the podium again. As a result of the win I managed to place 2nd overall for the Sunshine Series 2009 and brings to an end a fantastic result for the Legend in my first season of racing it.

Now the training starts in earnest for the Australian National Series which is to be contested at various tracks throughout Australia and will include the National Championships at Eagle Park Adelaide South Australia in January 2010. I am really looking forward to this series as a member of Team Banshee which is being formed under the close eye of Darren Boman - Barspin Imports and Australian Agent/Distributor for Banshee Bikes. I will keep you updated on our training and race results as they come to hand.


Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

that is awesome, keep it up

Fakawi said...


Wichmann said...

Congratulations "down there" way to go,
Up here North Sebastian Jensen just won the first "Danish Mini-DH cup" round at Mols Mountains as well! On his Scythe (he's only 15 and compeated with the big boys)

Benny Power said...

Well done Sebastian, keep it going man - you never know, we may just get to ride together overseas some day in the future!!

Keith Scott said...

Congartulations Ben! That is really impressive! Will you still be in under 19's category next year, or will you be moving up?

We are proud to have you riding banshee!

Benny Power said...

Hey Keith, I turned 16 in April this year so I could have still been riding Under 17 for the Series just finished. This means that I will be eligible to ride Under 19 for the next 2 complete National Seasons (2009/10 & 2010/11). I am eligible to ride Under 19 at Queensland State Level next season but I may step up to Elite just to get more race experience with faster riders - will just have to see how I go in Nationals this year!!! Cheers, Ben

Oh, by the way - I am really PROUD to be riding Banshee and thanks for all the support from you guy's and Darren @ Barspin Imports here in Brisbane.

Keith Scott said...

16??? jeebus! I like your thinking, keep it challenging, and it will make you faster!

Are you racing the world champs this week?

Benny Power said...

Unfortunately no because at 16 I am not eligible to be considered for the Junior Team but I will be next year!!
Dad & I are flying to Canberra on Friday for the weekend as spectators - should be an awesome event.

Keith Scott said...

Ah, that's a bit crap! Oh well, gives ou something to aim for next year, and I'm sure you can achieve it!

Enjoy the worlds, even if it is as a spectator!

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