Monday, August 10, 2009

4th Bukit Cermin Downhill Challenge 2009

Congrats to Rizal from Team Fakawi Banshee and Haris from R.O.A.M. for coming in 4th and 5th respectively in the Men's Open category in the 4th BC Downhill Challenge 09 yesterday!

Here are some pics of Banshee riders spotted in the race..
(and more pictures on


Jay MacNeil said...

hahahaha!!!! Malaysian Domination!!!
I should be there racing, crappy i miss them but I have way too much work to do.
Great to see all the Banshee's tearing it up!

redride said...

it was banshee vs. morewood all weekend!!! unfortunately i got a flat in seeding and got blocked by 2 rider in my final run... my morewood buddy won the race!...

Next race!

Uncle Bully said...

way to go Mr. Sloan.... its time to step up and get more... ROAM Racing Division going supersonic all the way..

Ober Frederiksen said...

wahaha. im in banshee's blog. a pic after the fall. haha. :D