Friday, April 3, 2009

Guillaume Bossu helmetcam

Guillaume sent me a couple of links to some helmet cam footage of him riding his local trails on his Scythe that he made with his new camera. Looks like a lot of fun G! I also like the different camera placement, gives you a bit of a better feeling for the trail I think.

The very known Gambas from guillaume Bossu on Vimeo.

The phenix from guillaume Bossu on Vimeo.

Keep ripping!


Anonymous said...

Looks great. What camera did you use?

Guillaume said...

go pro Wide with hest Harnest

but those 2 was the first test I did some shot with the camera a bit higher and it's better you still can see the handelbar but the trail too

Will do more shoot today

perttime said...

Chest mounting seems to work great for relatively fast trails. How does it do when things are twisty? Still close enough to where you are looking?

guillaume said...

well it's pretty good you just need to have a wide angle

at the end of our gambass trail it's bit more techy and way slower

as information top speed is abour 50K on those trail.

Green mojo said...

what kind of mouting are you using?

Green mojo said...

have you any pic of the camera on your chest?

Anonymous said...

Great tune on the first vid.Who is that and what's the name of the tune?