Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dean does it again!

Our friend Dean who is one of the legend test riders, and well as a very active and hardworking trail builder from the woodlot, sent me this:

Hi Keith,

I remember you telling me that you would like to see the linkage of the Legend in action on a trail. This past weekend I mounted a camera and shot some footage with 2 cameras. One on my helmet and the other watching the linkage.

I synced them and the result is the following video on Pink Bike.

The video also has some regular helmet cam footage as well and me sessioning a jump. I just thought you would be interested in seeing the linkage in action on the trail. I found it interesting to see all the compression in corners and not just in the rough stuff.

Have a good one.



Thanks a lot Dean. Thats a really cool video showing how the legend works on the trail. It shows how hard you are railing the berms, as the suspension compresses then shoots you out. I also like how it shows how little the bike bobs while you are cranking it.