Saturday, April 25, 2009

Session at Woburn Sands

Jesus John and his buddy Rob and I all took one of our annual trips to Woburn Sands freeride area today, catching a train out of London Euston to Bletchley, and then a local connecting train to Woburn Sands village - a really easy journey and no problem taking our bikes

It was the first time I had taken my Mythic Rampant to Woburn, and its light weight, short top tube and short wheelbase meant it was ideal for a trick session started on the big step-up bombhole stunt

We also sessioned loads of the downhill runs and tracks, the Rampant is a bit of a handful at high speed and things started getting seriously tweaked and sideways on the big hip line, until on a later run I totally overshot the landing and soon ended my day's fun!

After removing the mangled parts, I did some chainless runs which are kinda cool as you simply cannot use the brakes much and really have to pump the trails and use the berms to maintain speed


Rob C