Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dave's Mythic Rune

It's always great to see another RUNE built up, and this one belongs to our customer Dave, who has spent a few months putting it together as funds permitted

He started with getting a lovely anodised black Rune frame from Freeborn, and having some trick Stans ZTR Flow rims built onto gold Hope Pro II hubs

Next came a fork swap - he swapped his Rockshox Lyric Solo Air with a friend, for a Rockshox Lyric Coil U-Turn, but unfortunately the steerer tube was a little short, more on that later...

Headset is Hope's 1.5" flush reducer unit, Shimano SLX crankset, derailleurs and shifters, Avid Elixir R brakes, Maxxis High Roller tires, WTB saddle, Easton handlebar and some other good quality parts

I'd estimate the weight around 33-34lb, and it could certainly dump a chunk of poundage by switching to some lighter all-mtn tires, but Dave seems just happy with the way it rides, and that of course is all that matters!

During the build-up, it became evident that the fork steerer tube was a little short, so we sourced another 1.5" flush top cap from Hope and swapped out the regular Extended lower cup for the flush cup, so the headset is now running flush cups top and bottom (the bearings are identical)

With the hydroformed downtube, there is adequate clearance for the Lyric's Mission Control adjusters, even with the floodgate knob popped up

Of course, this reduction in stack height has changed the geometry of Dave's Rune compared to Keith's original geometry setup - Dave's Rune will have a reduced bottom bracket height, shorter front centre, and slightly steeper head and seat angles, but Dave wanted to setup his Rune as a big trail bike, and so it suits him just fine! It also means a sharper steering rig for the fast singletracks common to the UK woodlands

It also means he can run his Lyric wound full-out to 160mm without having a tall handlebar height, which of course benefits on the climbs

happy trails Dave!