Sunday, February 22, 2009

Black and White Amps limited run

Decided to try a batch of Amps in black and white.
Raw is pretty awesome but was curious to see what these looked like.

I'll try to get some better pics when they're dry. I didn't want to pic them up off the rack as they still need to go in for a clearcoat and didn't want to get my grubby fingerprints on them and then have them permanently imprinted under the clear.

Hopefully the pics give you some idea what they'll look like


Jarle said...

As usual you guys do great work. They look realy good. But what is this i hear about some one hospitalized? Or am i wrong? Sorry if i am.

booner said...

ooh hot damn that black frame looks schweeet! Gotta a be getting me one of those soon. Noice colors.

Derrick said...

Looks awsome, can't beat the way the headtube junction looks, just sick. You should consider doing some team like colors next :)